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Touchtex DoorsTouchtex Edge Detail

Touchtex is our unique range of 2mm PVC-edged melamine doors. Touchtex doors are manufactured in 18mm MDF substrate and crafted using some of the best edge tapes and machinery in the world. We provide a complete supply of Touchtex doors and panels to your specifications and sizes. All doors and drawer fronts are melamine coated on both sides and clashed on all 4 edges with 2mm PVC, in either matching or contrasting colours. Matching panels may be edged on either 1, 2, 3 or 4 edges.

Touchtex doors are most cost-effective in colours from the Touchtex Colour Selection listed below, but any melamine colour is available.
10 Year Guarantee Icon 55x55 18mm Thick Icon 55x55 Easy Clean Icon 55x55 High Impact Resistance Icon 55x55 Scratch Resistant Icon 55x55 NZ Made Icon 55x55    

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Substrate MDF Technical Spec Sheet
Available Thickness 18mm, 25mm, 30mm Technical Product Catalogue
Minimum Height 100mm Touchtex Brochure
Minimum Width 150mm  

Touchtex Panels

Touchtex panels are available to match all Touchtex doors and a selection of Durostyle door colours. It is recommended that where possible, Touchtex panels are used around ovens etc as these have a higher heat resistance than Durostyle and are more cost effective.
Touchtex Panel Profile
Touchtex Panel Profile

Colour Selection

This is a sample of our colour selection. Click below to see the full range.

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Simply White Arctic White Feather White2 Brulee Cloud White Mist Mist Grey
Pavement Flannel Fossilite Black Washed Oak Cape Cod Charred Oak

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