Installation Guidelines


Durostyle Installation Guidelines

Durostyle doors and panels must be installed according to the following guidelines:
  • Panelform-supplied heat deflectors, Durostyle 180 wrapped end panels or Touchtex (PVC edged Melamine) end panels must be placed on either side of ovens, dishwashers and other heat generating appliances so that heat escaping from these appliances does to project directly onto the edge of a door or drawer front.
  • Wall mounted ovens must also have Panelform-supplied heat deflectors, Durostyle 180 wrapped end panels or Touchtex (PVC edged Melamine) end panels above and below them to protect the doors and panels directly above/below the oven.
  • Over-cupboard doors must be at least 600mm above bench height (750mm if above a heat source). Note: Do not leave gas hobs on with nothing on the hob. Heat from gas hobs will damage over-cupboard doors).
  • It is recommended that an under-panel that covers the edge of the door is used to protect over-cupboard doors from heat from below.
  • Full height or on-bench doors and panels must be at least 250mm away (horizontally) from a hob. Doors and panels closer than 250mm must have some form of heat protection such as a glass splashback.
  • If Durostyle doors and panels are supplied with a plastic protective film, this must not be removed until installation of the cabinetry is complete.
  • Panelform will not cover replacement costs of Durostyle doors and panels where damage has been caused by the incorrect installation of appliances, or where appliance wear and tear has caused abnormal heat emission.
Careful attention to the following installation guidelines will provide you with at least 10 years of use from Durostyle doors and panels. Failure to follow any of these installation guidelines will void your 10 year guarantee.

Touchtex Installation Guidelines

Some Touchtex doors and panels are manufactured with a protective film on the surface to prevent scratching. This film should not be removed until installation is complete.

Hardware Installation Information

For information on how to assemble your Blum Aventos Lift Systems, please see below:

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For information on drawer systems we recommend:

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Other hardware we recommend:
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