About the Feature Icons

10 Year Guarantee Icon 80x80 All the products we produce are covered by our 10 Year Guarantee. We guarantee that our doors and panels with stand the test of time. Click here to view our guarantee in detail.
18mm Thick Icon 80x80 Products with this icon are produced at 18mm thick as standard. 18mm thickness gives a high level of strength and rigidity. Some cabinet doors available in New Zealand are manufactured in thinner materials which results in inferior doors with a higher risk of bowing, cupping, and an inferior surface and edge finish. You deserve better than that.
Easy Clean Icon 80x80 Easy-Clean surfaces are designed to keep your kitchen looking great with minimal effort! This product and/or surface finish has been designed to be easy to clean by repelling dirt and grime and not showing dirty marks. Please refer to our care & maintenance page for details on how you keep your doors looking like new.
High Impact Resistance Icon 80x80 High Impact Resistance doors are made using materials which don't chip, mark or damage easily. These products are great for kitchens that are shared with children. You don't have to sacrifice a great looking kitchen for durability and functionality!
Low Emission MDF Icon 80x80 Low Emission MDF is used on this product. Low Emission MDF is 'E-zero' grade, meaning that it contains ≤0.5 mg/L of formaldehyde - less than in the air we breathe. For more information about Low Emission MDF, click here.
Moisture Resistant MDF Icon 80x80 MDF with a higher level of moisture resistance means greater longevity for your kitchen doors, saving you money and maintenance costs in the future. Refer to our care & maintenance page for more information.
NZ Made Icon 80x80 Don't settle for anything less than New Zealand made kitchen cabinet doors. All our doors are manufactured right here in New Zealand using only the best materials available.
Seamless Edges Icon 80x80 Seamless edges means no edge-tapes or joins on your door edges! For the ultimate, truly seamless edge, choose Durostyle doors.
UV Protected Icon 80x80 Products showing our UV Protected badge are made using specially formulated laminates with anti-UV properties, protecting your kitchen doors from fading and yellowing caused by the suns harsh rays.
Protective Film Icon 80x80 A protective film is supplied on the surface of this product/colour to ensure it comes to your home in top condition. This protective film should not be removed until after installation.
German Made Materials Icon 80x80 This product uses world leading materials made in Germany. Germany is renowned for its quality and innovation in the wood working industry.
Japanese Made Materials Icon 80x80 This product uses materials made by one of the world's highest quality interior surface film manufacturers - Bonlex.
GLUELESS EDGING ZeroLine glueless edging is available in selected Touchtex and Stylelite colours. ZeroLine technology enables the 1mm edge tape to be 'fused' to the edge of the door or panel without using glue, creating an almost invisible join that is exceptionally strong and water resistant.