Ruth's Kitchen

Testimonial from Ruth - Rangiora

"I love my kitchen!
We wanted a timeless, classic style kitchen to fit in with the style of house, and just a hint of French Country style, but not overdone. Our local joiner suggested Ellergill, from Panelform's Durostyle range, in the colour Feather White.
A durable product with easy maintenance was essential in our choice because I, as the chief meal maker, am in a power wheelchair which has no mercy on its surroundings. I have managed in the kitchen for three years, and we are amazed at how little damage has been done to the cupboard fronts. Hardly any scratches show up, and a few marks from the tyres are easily wiped off.


The colour is restful and we have never regretted our choice. We were advised, by family, to go for darker cupboards, but this colour has definitely proved to be all that we thought.
As there are so many cupboards, the glass windows give a pleasing break to the all-cupboard kitchen walls.
As well as appearance, the cupboards and drawers are all extremely functional, another feature which is of utmost importance to someone in a wheelchair who plays an important role in this area.
We would highly recommend Panelform products and we would not hesitate to choose this type of kitchen again, if the need arose.” 
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