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Panelform StyleLite Acrylic doors are a very popular choice for perfect gloss and silky smooth matt finishes in New Zealand. 

Created in 18mm acrylic-faced E0 MR MDF board with a 1mm edge, StyleLite acrylic doors and panels are not only easy-care and durable, but are also one of the few repairable surfaces on the market. They are highly resistant to heat and moisture. StyleLite Acrylic is available with ZeroLine laser edging in some colours as shown below. Colours that are not available in ZeroLine will have the 1mm edge applied with a PUR glue, which is almost seamless and creates a much stronger glue bond than traditional edgebanding glues. As more 'laser' edge colours become available for StyleLite, more colours will be available with our ZeroLine edging. Watch this space!

10 Year Guarantee 18mm Thick Easy Clean Low Emission MDF Moisture Resistant MDF UV Protected Laser Edged Protective Film

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StyleLite Colours

Arctic Gloss Alabaster Gloss Black Gloss Brilliant Pearl Alabaster Velvet
Ash Gloss Graphite Gloss Black Velvet Slate Gloss Fossil Gloss
Ash Velvet Graphite Velvet Charcoal Gloss Dove Velvet Arctic Velvet
Champagne Gloss Silver Gloss Ruby Gloss    

ZeroLine - Glueless Edging Technology

ZeroLine is the newest technology to come to kitchen door manufacturing.
Often called 'laser edge', ZeroLine technology enables the 1mm edge tape to be 'fused' to the edge of the door or panel without using glue, creating an almost invisible join that is exceptionally strong and highly water resistant.

ZeroLine uses specially manufactured PP or ABS edge tapes which are more environmentally friendly than traditional PVC tapes

ZeroLine Glueless Edging Technology.
Before: After:
PVC Edging Zeroline Edging
Traditional glued edging ZeroLine glueless edging


"I have found Panelform's service including lead times, packaging and accuracy, to be perfect! I like everything about their way of quoting, ordering and communication. The product quality is perfect and what I like most about dealing with Panelform is every point of contact and support." John – Darjon Distribution, Akaroa



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Substrate E0 Moisture Resistant (MR) MDF StyleLite Brochure
Available Thicknesses 18mm Technical Product Catalogue
Minimum Height 50mm  
Minimum Width 50mm  
Maximum Height 2400mm  
Maximum Width 1200mm  


Care & Maintenance

StyleLite doors are made from 18mm acrylic-faced E0 MR MDF board, but as with any MDF product, are not waterproof. Care should be taken to ensure they are not exposed to high levels of heat, moisture, steam and humidity and that any accidental spills are wiped up immediately.

The StyleLite surface becomes more scratch resistant over the first few days after the removal of the protective film. This process can be accelerated by lightly polishing the StyleLite surface immediately after the film is removed using Novus No. 1 or Plexus plastic polishes with a clean microfibre cloth.

Please Note: The repair advice below applies only to StyleLite High Gloss products.

General Cleaning: Apply Novus No. 1 Plastic Polish, Plexus Plastic Polish or warm soapy water and wipe using a clean microfibre, soft cloth or damp chamois.
Removing Marks and Light Scratches: Apply Novus No. 2 or a good quality liquid polish and using a damp, clean microfibre or soft cloth, polish in a circular pattern. Then remove polish using the general cleaning procedure above.
Removing Heavier Scratches: Apply Novus No. 3 or a good quality fine compound polish and using a damp, clean microfibre or soft cloth, polish in back and forth motion at right angles to visible scratches. Then use Removing Marks and Light Scratches procedure, then General Cleaning procedure above.

Ensure all polish residues are removed completely from the StyleLite surface. Low speed electric buffing can also be used to repair marks and scratches.

Do not:
  • Use a paper towel to clean.
  • Dry wipe doors and panels at any time.
  • Use brushes, scourers or scrapers on doors and panels.
  • Use abrasive cleaners, thinners or methylated spirits.
Doing any of these will void your 10 year warranty.


StyleLite acrylic doors and panels are manufactured with a protective film on the surface to prevent scratching. This film should not be removed until installation is complete.

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