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Touchtex ZeroLine Doors

Panelform Touchtex is the most popular kitchen door in New Zealand. And for some very good reasons.

Created in 18mm melamine-faced MDF board with a 1mm 'laser edge' tape, Touchtex ZeroLine doors and panels are not only easy-care, scratch-resistant and durable, but are also the most cost-effective kitchen door option in our range. Touchtex ZeroLine doors and panels are available in 10 fashion colours.

You can choose to fit in. Or make a real statement.

10 Year Guarantee Icon 55x55 18mm Thick Icon 55x55 Easy Clean Icon 55x55 High Impact Resistance Icon 55x55 Scratch Resistant Icon 55x55 NZ Made Icon 55x55 Protective Film Icon 55x55 Glueless Edging 55X55

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Touchtex ZeroLine Colours

Ptarmigans Wing High Tea Snowdrift Arctic White Mist
Unicorn Rumskulla Oak Snowdrift Hi-Gloss Quarter Thorndon Cream Seal Grey

These colours may change as market trends dictate. Please check availability prior to ordering.


Touchtex Doors

Touchtex is our unique range of 2mm PVC-edged melamine doors. Touchtex doors are manufactured in 18mm MDF substrate and are crafted using some of the best edge tapes and machinery in the world. 

Touchtex colour and finish options are almost endless. Touchtex doors and panels are most cost effective when a colour is chosen from our Touchtex Colour Selection. Many of the Touchtex colours can be matched with a colour from Panelform's Durostyle range.

Touchtex Colours

Click below to see our full colour range.

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Touchtex Panels

Touchtex panels are available to match all Touchtex doors and a selection of Durostyle door colours. It is recommended that where possible, Touchtex panels are used around ovens etc as these have a higher heat resistance than Durostyle and are more cost effective.

Touchtex Panel Profile
Touchtex Panel Profile
ZeroLine Logo - 150x58

ZeroLine is the newest technology to come to kitchen door manufacturing.

Often called 'laser edge', ZeroLine technology enables the 1mm edge tape to be 'fused' to the edge of the door or panel without using glue, creating an almost invisible join that is exceptionally strong and highly water resistant.

ZeroLine uses specially manufactured PP or ABS edge tapes which are more environmentally friendly than traditional PVC tapes.
PVC Edging-977-230
Traditional glued edging
Zeroline Edging-482-761
ZeroLine glueless edging

Substrate MDF Technical Spec Sheet
Available Thicknesses 18mm, 30mm Technical Product Catalogue
Minimum Height 50mm Touchtex Brochure
Minimum Width 50mm  

Care & Maintenance

Touchtex Doors are made from Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), but as with any MDF product, are not waterproof. Care should be taken to ensure they are not exposed to high levels of heat, moisture, steam and humidity.
For cleaning, we recommend wiping Touchtex Doors with a soft damp cloth with warm soapy water or mild chemical spray and then drying with a soft, dry cloth.

Do not use commercial cleaning products, abrasive papers, acids, solvents, thinners, methylated spirits, bleach or any other strong cleaners to clean Touchtex doors. Use of these cleaners will void your 10 year warranty.


Some Touchtex doors and panels are manufactured with a protective film on the surface to prevent scratching. This film should not be removed until installation is complete.

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